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Cybersecurity is a complex and fast-evolving field, security professionals and experts working for SMEs & MEs need constant learning.


Through blockchain-oriented technologies, SMEs & MEs will efficiently process information flows and online collaboration knowledge sharing.


Malicious online activity can cost enterprises everything. Protecting organisations is the paramount for the PUZZLE project.


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PUZZLE brings together multidisciplinary competences and resources from the academia, industry and research community focusing on digital community, multi-dependency cyberphysical risk assessment, edge trust assurance services and remote attestation, distributed processing, programmable networking mechanisms, cybersecurity analytics, deep analysis and distributed machine learning, threat intelligence and blockchain technologies.

Securing the Future: Join us to tackle today's cybersecurity challenges

PUZZLE International Cybersecurity Conference

21st of June 2023. Master Center, Novi Sad, Serbia


PUZZLE is going to provide monitoring and visualisation tools, as well as a dashboard where information regarding the set of assets, vulnerabilities, identified threats and risks is going to be made available to end-users; mainly the people responsible for cybersecurity issues management within SMEs&MEs.

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