Welcome to PUZZLE

Safer tools. Better performance.


We help SMEs & MEs to dynamically monitor, forecast, assess and manage security, privacy, and personal data protection risks through the usage of targeted cybersecurity management services.
We increase your cybersecurity awareness through the efficient processing of information and the establishment of an online collaboration and knowledge sharing platform. We deliver insights and compile threat intelligence reports based on data analysis through the application of artificial intelligence mechanisms.

What is the core of the PUZZLE?

It is an EU-funded project, a part of the Horizon 2020 programme, set to design and implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework. Cybersecurity is blockchain-based and targeted at SMEs&MEs. How can PUZZLE help? By providing SMEs&MEs with targeted cybersecurity management services to monitor, assess and manage security, privacy and personal data protection risks.

  • There’s always room for a better cybersecurity solution. In other words: We got your back.

The Vision

PUZZLE’s novel approach of providing cybersecurity services through a marketplace, easy to adopt and deploy within SMEs&MEs network and computational infrastructure, leads to a bigger picture of improved readiness and responsiveness of SMEs&MEs in the areas of security, privacy, threats management, and personal data protection.

The key tasks are to:

  • To reduce the complexity in the management of cybersecurity solutions
  • To enable cybersecurity officers and system administrators from SMEs&MEs to react to identified threats immediately
  • To process data collected provided by the SMEs&MEs
  • To encourage sharing, in real-time, of information about vulnerabilities through interaction with PUZZLE intelligence-sharing services.

The Mission

The PUZZLE framework is going to identify and track the relationships among the cyber assets of each SME or ME, considering the available network, compute and storage infrastructure and use them to efficiently calculate individual, cumulative and propagated risks, as well as recommend and apply mitigation actions for tackling identified cyber threats. PUZZLE aims to employ highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework in two directions:

  • Target #1 SMEs&MEs
  • Target #2 Cybersecurity providers

By simplifying the design, configuration, deployment and management of cybersecurity management and provision services, the PUZZLE project will offer services capable of providing advanced levels of security, privacy and trustworthiness for SMEs&MEs. PUZZLE will also to facilitate the collection, processing, and exchange of data and knowledge sharing among SMEs&MEs with regards to cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
Compiling a set of mechanisms for secure data exchange based on applied artificial intelligence and blockchain is chosen the way to go. PUZZLE Marketplace has a special role in the process – to leverage PUZZLE efforts, ascertain optimal deployment plans and support their execution.