What is the focus of the PUZZLE project?

Usability and raise of competitiveness of the PUZZLE Marketplace, easily onboarded solutions by external cybersecurity providers, that will take into account preferences and feedback of end-users, while securing easy adoption. Services available through the Marketplace will be easily adopted and deployed by SMEs&MEs.


What kind of innovations does PUZZLE bring to SMEs&MEs?

Through blockchain-oriented technologies, SMEs&MEs will efficiently process information flows and establish online collaboration and knowledge sharing with other SMEs&MEs. Processed data analysis will lead to security insights and threat intelligence reports and, ultimately, increase their cybersecurity awareness.

What are the challenges that PUZZLE will address for European SMEs and MEs?

Malicious online activity can cost enterprises millions. Therefore, protecting organisations, regardless of industry or size, is the paramount for the PUZZLE project. Resources dedicated to cybersecurity are often scarce with SMEs&MEs, and therefore are of special interest and in the focus of the Project. Opening access to a marketplace of services, with a multitude of cybersecurity tools and processes that can keep corporate systems, networks, and sensitive information secure, is of the utmost importance.

PUZZLE’s privacy and data protection management framework will be there to help them address these challenges. 

SMEs&MEs have an important role in the European economy, but mostly lack cybersecurity awareness, and can allocate limited resources – both technical and human – to fight cyber risks. Consequently, they are an easier target for hacking attacks compared to large organizations. Since cybersecurity is a complex and fast-evolving field, security professionals and experts working for SMEs&MEs need constant learning.

PUZZLE will implement a highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management marketplace targeted at SMEs&MEs that enables them to monitor, forecast, assess and manage their cyber risks through targeted cybersecurity services, increase their cybersecurity awareness through the efficient heterogeneous information processing, the establishment of knowledge sharing with other SMEs&MEs and extract insights based on advanced analytics.



Validation Contracts of €10.000 for 10 highest ranked SMEs&MES and 5 highest ranked Cybersecurity Vendors.