Cyber range exercises for SMEs

  • January 4, 2023
  • 2 min read

The PUZZLE project strives to improve the awareness and knowledge of SMEs so that they can better resist cyber threats. For this it is introducing Cyber Range tools in its Marketplace to help increase the knowledge and awareness about cyber-attacks.

Two main tools have been developed for:

  1. recognising phishing email attacks (described below), and
  2. generating and detecting many different types of attacks in the Internet communications (described in a following blog).

These tools have been presented and trialled during the PUZZLE’s 1st Innovation Workshop on 3rd November 2022. Further trials will take place during the 2nd Innovation Workshop that will take place in Brussels the 14th and 15th of February 2023.

The phishing recognition training tool, called “MI Cyberrange”, comes in the form of a game that can be played from an Android/iOS phone or Windows terminal. It will help raise awareness about phishing email attacks and their impact on the SME or other organisation, and help identify phishing emails and determine the indicators for rapidly identifying them. The tool can be used by individuals or employees of a company/organization of any size. It provides a user metrics to calculate the user’s progress and compete with other users.

After selecting an example email from a list, four different levels are proposed depending on the user’s expertise and experience. These go from a simple yes/no (the figure to the left below), the identification of the problematic zone of the email (the second figure), the identification of the reason that it can be considered a phishing email (the third figure), and the identification of the type of phishing attack (the figure to the right). Phishing types are, for instance, Delivery Scams, Promotional Email, The Billing Problem, The Tax Communication, The Contest Winner, etc.

For each email analysed, detailed analysis of the correct and incorrect answers is given (the figure to the left below), a score is given (the second figure) as well as an overall score and ranking (figure to the right).

The “MI Cyberrange” tool can currently be installed using the Android phone’s GooglePlay, AppStore, from here, or from this link. Try it and give your feedback in:

Author: Montimage.
Featured Photo by Jarmoluk on Pixabay.