CyberSecurity Orchestrator and Recommendation System

  • October 20, 2022
  • 2 min read

In the modern world, showered by information and online services, the average person is highly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. This escalates to an even higher risk considering that information about protection is scarce, expensive, and even personalized solutions for individuals are barely affordable.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford enterprise cybersecurity solutions as they cost several magnitudes more than the personalized solutions targeted to individuals, and at the same time are at greater risk of attack. This leads SMEs to develop their own cybersecurity practices which are often suboptimal and possibly ineffective.

PUZZLE can provide these SMEs with affordable solutions, optimized for their needs and risks. This comes with the suite of Cybersecurity Orchestrator that will deploy every service the SME needs to run in a secure and protected environment as well as the Security Policy Recommender that will be able to communicate with other components of PUZZLE that identify threats and will in turn recommend new policies for the cybersecurity system to defend to new threats.

The PUZZLE Orchestrator and Recommender are advanced software modules, utilizing complicated cloud architecture implementations as well as state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to achieve results that compete with even large scale enterprise solutions.

An abstract example of the potential of this approach follows. A small enterprise only desires to run a website with a database. Without any cybersecurity practice this is very vulnerable to outsider malice. It would be fairly easy for an expert to breach into the database and steal information or compromise the website to display different information.

Figure 1. Example of the system under attack

As seen in Figure 1, the PUZZLE platform would interfere with such malicious users and disallow the breach. It would detect the vulnerability, and reinforce the platform running the database and website with the appropriate mechanisms to secure the assets.

What makes this even more appealing, the user would not be required to have any prior cybersecurity experience. The platform is easily controlled from a dashboard where the SME can select what services it needs to run (for example the database and the site server), the platform will then detect the risks and recommend the appropriate mechanisms mentioned. Applying the mechanisms is as easy as pressing a button and the threat is neutralized.

Author: ICCS – Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
Featured Photo from Pixabay