Infographic: Threat Landscape Mapping during COVID-19

  • October 23, 2020
  • 1 min read

Threat landscape maps Malware standing strong as #1 Cyber Threat in the EU, with an increase in Phishing, Identity Theft, Ransomware; Monetisation holding its place as cyber criminals’ top motivation; and the COVID-19 environment fuelling attacks on homes, businesses, governments and critical infrastructure.

EU Agency for Cybersecurity Executive Director Juhan Lepassaar said: “Cyber threats are evolving and becoming increasingly complex. This is not new. The Agency has developed the latest ‘ENISA Threat Landscape’ into a more user-friendly format meeting the needs of its beneficiaries who can use it to advance their readiness and target the response better.”

The top 15 cyber threat reports are of a technical nature, and include findings, major incidents, statistics and more. The threat reports are the following:

      1. Malware
      2. Web-based Attacks
      3. Phishing
      4. Web Application Attacks
      5. SPAM
      6. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
      7. Identity Theft
      8. Data Breach
      9. Insider Threat
      10. Botnets
      11. Physical Manipulation, Damage, Theft and Loss
      12. Information Leakage
      13. Ransomware
      14. Cyber Espionage
      15. Cryptojacking



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