Meeting the PUZZLE demonstrators – The FOGUS Media Tool

  • October 11, 2022
  • 3 min read

With the continuously increasing global usage of the internet and computers in general comes a rise in all the related functionalities to them. One of these functionalities is all the involved applications and media, independently of their nature and scope, that have a phase during their development which is the testing phase. This includes the execution of different tests with the application, with the purpose of determining different performance indicators and metrics and acquiring a better picture. However, the difficulty of performing proper experiments for each different application/media vastly increases.

The FOGUS Media Tool Platform

The aim of FOGUS Media is to minimize this difficulty by providing a holistic experimentation service. The FOGUS Media is a user’s experience management platform for multimedia services developed by FOGUS. The platform realizes three interlinked functions, namely i) reliable, secure and passive Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring, ii) efficient, dynamic and objective QoE estimation, and iii) robust and real-time QoE-driven service management.

Who can benefit from Fogus Media?
  • Mobile application and web developers that care about the instant and long-term opinion of their customers about the provided services.
  • Multimedia service provides that believe on the potential of customer experience management (CEM) and invest on exploiting human- and network- related factors that affect the way that their content is delivered and perceived.
  • Research centers that cope with challenges in the Quality of Experience (QoE) ecosystem and seek a solid testbed in order to apply their experiments and measurement.

Security Challenges – The role of PUZZLE

Since FOGUS Media is a service which currently does not have a security solution installed, and therefore does not have any security layer, PUZZLE Framework would be beneficial for its operation:

  • Identification/ Recommendation of Security Solutions: These services or solutions are easily accessible, configurable, and deployable.
  • Continuous Risk Assessment: It is useful to have this process be executed during the runtime of the FOGUS Media Tool.
  • Trust Assurance – Attestation – Monitoring of Changes: Proper and secure tracking of any change happening to its involved assets and components.
  • Cyber Security Incident Response Mechanisms: A fundamentally useful functionality which PUZZLE provides aiming for direct response mechanisms when a cyber security incident occurs.

This is how the PUZZLE Marketplace, and its services/tools can be of use, providing the necessary cybersecurity services that enhance and benefit the operation of the FOGUS Media Tool.

All PUZZLE partners are working intensively to implement the proper services towards the cybersecurity needs of an experiments platform like the FOGUS Media Tool. Through the teamwork, the PUZZLE Framework is progressing aiming for the provision of tools that be tested and evaluated through the PUZZLE demonstrator activities. At this point, we are still in the middle of this journey, so stay tuned!

Author: FOGUS
Featured Photo from Pixabay.