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  • November 10, 2022
  • 4 min read

So, you are a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) or Micro-Enterprise (ME), with little or no relation to information technology (IT) or cybersecurity. You have performed your first (baby or bigger) step towards digitalisation, be it an online shop, setting up an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite, creating a dedicated app for your customers, or even just launching a website as your company’s interface to the outer world.

What’s the next step? Protecting your infrastructure that is now more exposed to hackers! But there is no budget to hire an expert, so you decide to dive in the world of cybersecurity on your own: ‘enter-popular-search-engine-name-here’ is your friend!  SIEMs, Firewalls, IDS, IPS… So many options, so little time to choose the best solution against cyberattacks…

Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could find everything you need at one place and were provided with ‘personalised’ recommendations based on the needs of your company, the complexity of your infrastructure, and the actual status of your IT systems?

PUZZLE wants to democratize access to advanced and affordable cybersecurity solutions for all SMEs&MEs. So it adopts the Security as a Service (SecaaS) paradigm and delivers a Marketplace, that will offer a wide palette of customisable cybersecurity services to its users.

What should you expect from the PUZZLE Marketplace?

Services that fit the needs of SMEs and MEs

We have picked out cybersecurity services that are most relevant to SMEs. You will find them under 4 categories:

  • Risk Assessment – are there any known vulnerabilities in my infrastructure and how risky are they?
  • Analytics – please monitor my traffic and use data analytics and machine learning to identify any suspicious activity
  • Enforcement – take actions to protect my organisation whenever a cyberattack is happening
  • Trust Assurance – all data and communications should be verified and trustworthy

Enhanced User Experience

There is no use in having a ton of options if you cannot easily find (and find again) what you are searching for! The Marketplace services are easily discoverable and have tags that will help even non-expert users find what they need. It also features other exploration options, such as user ratings, favorites, filters and more

Service Matchmaking

Find the perfect match for your organisation with the service recommendations provided by PUZZLE based on your infrastructure and any cybersecurity findings in your organisation

Automation and minimal manual work

Easily access the Marketplace through a web browser, select the services you want to use and…. tadaa, they are available in your organisation’s PUZZLE instance

Third-party services

This Marketplace is extensible with solutions provided by cybersecurity vendors outside PUZZLE. But you don’t need to worry about the trustworthiness of third-party services: We ensure the high quality and security of the services offered by other parties through a review and approval process!

You just had a taste of the PUZZLE Marketplace. We are currently working at full speed towards the second release of the Marketplace, that will feature the complete package of envisioned functionalities, improvements and enhancements based on the first round of validation through the PUZZLE demonstrators! Stay tuned!

Trivia and other interesting reads

Cybersecurity for your SME/ME comes second (or third, fourth…)?

Well, you are not the only one.
SMEs and MEs have become a common target for cyberattacks, especially after the COVID19 crisis that led numerous small and medium businesses to rapid digitalisation. According to recent report by ENISA, although 80% of the SMEs stated that they would expect a serious negative impact caused by a cybersecurity event within one week from the time of the incident, with 57% of them foreseeing even bankruptcy or going out of business, only a minority (30%) have gone beyond basic cybersecurity measures for their infrastructures. Some of the identified obstacles from adopting holistic solutions, include among others budgetary issues that prohibit the adoption of advanced technical solutions requiring large investments, and lack of expertise.

How can I use the PUZZLE services?

Policies are in the core of PUZZLE. This means that our cybersecurity solutions are offered in the form of templated security services and do not contain binary artefacts that are ‘downloadable’ and ‘installable’. These templates are conceptually grouped in ‘Risk Analysis Services’, ‘Analytics Services’, ‘Enforcement Services’ and ‘Trust Assurance Services’, can be easily configured by the user and then they can be activated on any of the components in the user’s infrastructure. Find out more about how to use the PUZZLE services in our previous blogpost.



Author: Suite5
Featured Photo by Nathália Rosa on Unsplash