All publicly available dissemination material and media kit produced by the PUZZLE partners can be found on this page for download. 

Visual Identity Guide

Make sure there is no incorrect use of our logo! Keep the colours, proportions, and typography consistent in all communications. This applies to master, horizontal, and monochromatic and B&W versions. The examples to the left are just visual interpretations of possible incorrect use.

PUZZLE Logo Primary

This is our primary logo. Principal way of making ourselves known to the World. Used for project matters by all PUZZLE partners as the first option. Our visual marker in the cybersecurity landscape. Works on light or dark background for printing and digital formats. Do not separate image and typography. Use the official visual set at

PUZZLE Logo Horizontal

Sometimes, our primary logo needs to be horizontal. This version serves for official communication and presentations, as well as when PUZZLE logo appears alongside other logos of other organisations. Elements and proportions are fixed, not to be changed, skewed or modified in any way.

PUZZLE Brochure 2022

PUZZLE aims to enhance the security & operationalassurance of even the smallest enterprises which constitute the backbone of today’s digital economy.

PUZZLE Brochure 2021

The PUZZE framework will help audit the cyber assets of the user SME and Micro Enterprises, evaluating their digital infrastructure to check for cyber risks, at multiple levels. Based upon this evaluation, PUZZLE will recommend and apply mitigation actions to tackle identified threats and vulnerabilities.


For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and microenterprises (MEs), going digital is important for business growth. But it also presents the risk of cybersecurity attacks. To that end, PUZZLE offers a novel highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework...

PUZZLE Leaflet

Motivation - Vision - Offerings. Development of an “easy-to-onboard” and “easy-to-deploy” cybersecurity services marketplace for enterprises. Conceptualization and development of cyber threats data modelling and risk assessment models. Personalized cybersecurity functions per business.

PUZZLE Presentation 2023: About the Project

PUZZLE’s novel approach of providing cyber security services through a marketplace (“As-a-Service”), easy to adopt and deploy within SMEs&MEs network and computational infrastructure, leads to a bigger picture of improved security awareness of SMEs&MEs in the areas of security, privacy, threats management, and personal data protection.

PUZZLE Presentation

Towards a Sophisticated SIEM Marketplace for Blockchain-based Threat Intelligence and Security-as-a-Service.

PUZZLE 1st Webinar 2021 Presentation

Introduction - Towards a Cyber-Safer Future - Discovering the Needs od SMEs.

PUZZLE 1st Webinar 2021 Technical Presentation

PUZZLE Framework - Technical Concept & Approach.

PUZZLE 2nd Webinar 2022 Presentation

Towards a Safer Cyber-Future. Validation Contracts Call of €10.000 for SMEs & MEs and Cybersecurity providers.

PUZZLE Presentation: 1st Innovation Workshop & Validation Contracts Call Kick-off Meeting

Through Validation Contracts (Contest/OpenCall) the interested parties were invited to present their ideas on how the PUZZLE Marketplace could complement the development activities for a product/service they are already providing to their customers.

PUZZLE Presentation: Clustering Webinar on Security, Privacy and Data Protection

The SENTINEL Project organised a joint clustering webinar with projects funded under the H2020-SU-DS02 and H2020-SU-DS03 topics to explore possible collaborations between EU-funded projects relevant to Cybersecurity, Personal data protection, and GDPR compliance topics.

PUZZLE Banner 1st Innovation Workshop

Through a series of Innovation Workshops to be held with the participants in the Contracts, the PUZZLE project will also deliver cybersecurity awareness training and share best practices for SMEs, so that along technical improvements in their cybersecurity, companies are also able to implement a better cybersecurity culture within their organisation.

PUZZLE Banner 1st Webinar

In this webinar series, organised in two parts, we are looking for answers and conversation to raise cybersecurity awareness and help everyone be safeguarded against cyber-threats.

PUZZLE Banner 1st Webinar Websites

The first part of the webinar series will be especially focused on exploring the current cybersecurity landscape and status of SMEs. Through the PUZZLE value propositions, the audience will get a taste of some of the cutting-edge technologies in cybersecurity and discover new ways to adopt or provide cybersecurity services.

PUZZLE Banner 2nd Webinar

In order to provide truly valuable services through Validation Contracts, the PUZZLE project seeks use cases from IT-based or non IT-based SMEs&MEs and startups...

PUZZLE Banner Validation Contracts Call Launched

The PUZZLE Validation Contest is a funded Open Call that will award selected applicants with a grant of 10.000€ in order to connect their systems and services to the PUZZLE framework

PUZZLE Banner Validation Contracts Call

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Micro Enterprises (SMEs&MEs) who deal with cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection, can submit proposals at the PUZZLE Validation Contracts contest.


Safer tools. Better performance. Innovative. Reliable. Empowering. Trustworthy. Towards a Sophisticated SIEM Marketplace for Blockchain-based Threat Intelligence and Security-as-a-Service.