PUZZLE at The International Cybersecurity Forum – FIC 2023

  • April 10, 2023
  • 2 min read

FIC is Europe’s leading event on cyber security. A platform for reflection, exchange, and business, the event on digital security and trust. The FIC has two objectives: to strengthen the cooperation and the capabilities of all stakeholders to respond to the operational urgency of the fight against cyber threats and to accelerate the construction of a European cybersecurity policy for the benefit of a “trusted digital world” and a stable and open cyberspace.

The theme of the year, “In Cloud we trust?”, addressed both the operational challenges of cloud security and sovereignty issues. The event was an opportunity to affirm the rise of Europe in cybersecurity with the presence of many European pavilions and personalities. Cybersecurity is also at the heart of the territories, as demonstrated by the mobilization of local authorities and their representatives. It brings together the entire cybersecurity ecosystem including solution and service providers, customers, governmental bodies agencies, and academia.

The 15th edition of The International Cybersecurity Forum – FIC in Lille, France from 5th to 7th April 2023, gathered more than 16,000 participants, 50 foreign delegations, and 650 exhibitors.

EU Village

A special area was dedicated to the EU by the event organizers. This year, the EU Village hosted a large number of visitors and representatives of 2 EU institutions and 3 EU-funded projects: EUROPOL, ECSO (The European Cyber Security Organization), TRAPEZE, CitySCAPE, and PUZZLE. The visitors and delegates of the village had the opportunity to participate and discuss in the EU Pitch Area.

During the three-day event of the #FIC2023, the PUZZLE team presented the project at a dedicated stand in the EU Village area.

It was an opportunity to meet and talk with a significant number of visitors and participants, to stimulate the interest of the SMEs&MEs, and startups in cybersecurity, to raise awareness of the challenges they face, and to build new connections and expand the network with key stakeholders of the EU cyber ecosystem.