The PUZZLE project held its 3rd Innovation Workshop: Building Cyber Resilience for a safer digital future

  • June 26, 2023
  • 2 min read

Thank you to all who joined! The EU-funded H2020 PUZZLE project held its 3rd Innovation workshop “Building Cyber Resilience for a safer digital future” in Novi Sad, Serbia, and online.

More than 20 participants gathered in Novi Sad Fair Congress Center Master to attend this event on 21st of June, 2023. PUZZLE consortium representatives, partners of the Validation Contracts across Europe, representatives of SMEs&MEs, representatives from other relevant cybersecurity H2020 projects, and cybersecurity providers. The PUZZLE project aims to raise SMEs’ awareness and knowledge of cyber dangers so that they can better withstand them.

SMEs&MEs will improve their security and efficiently process information flows and collaboration knowledge sharing by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, trusted computing, and Blockchain through the PUZZLE Framework.

Through a series of Innovation Workshops organised and held with the partners in Validation Contracts, the PUZZLE project also delivered cybersecurity awareness training, Pilot’s Demonstration and shared best practices for SMEs so that along with technical improvements in cybersecurity, companies can be able to implement better cybersecurity culture within their organisation.

During the workshop, participants learned more about Cyber resilience – Raising awareness by Justina Bieliauskaite, Projects Director, European DIGITAL SME Alliance. This was followed by a PUZZLE Pilot’s Demonstration session by Ioannis Chouchoulis from FOGUS and Nefeli Bountouni from Suite5. Validation Contracts Partners presented their use cases as early adopters of the PUZZLE Framework in the third session. The workshop also included Selected Third Parties Mentoring, Coaching and Clustering by Montimage and European DIGITAL SME Alliance.

The agenda from the workshop is available here. PUZZLE’s support at these workshops is to learn more about innovation around the PUZZLE framework, but also to give the participants first-hand practical information for better cyber protection for SMEs&MEs.