Cybersecurity is a challenge that never ends and for that reason, PUZZLE came up with an Innovation Contest for SMEs&MEs in order to improve its Marketplace and testing activities within the project. Given that many businesses find major success in the competition format, an Innovation Contest is aimed to inspire start-ups and vendors to get creative through sponsorship. At the same time, by taking part in the Innovation Contest, these young businesses will increase innovation within their own organizations if stand out with ideas. 

The moment PUZZLE issues an Open Call of Expression of Interest will be the starting signal for interested parties to present their ideas, potential and creativity on how the PUZZLE Marketplace could complement the development activities of a product/service they are already providing to customers. 

How to know if you can enter the contest?

Our consortium will design a standard application template document of 10 pages and the contest will be kept open for 4 months until a specified deadline. The PUZZLE will then narrow down the selection to 10 highly ranked SMEs&MEs applicants and 5 highly ranked cybersecurity vendors whose ideas are worth being further developed into proposals for Marketplace. 

Teams who manage to meet criteria framed around a problem will be granted with an Innovation Coupon of 10.000 but not before the end of the successful implementation of each case thanks to which the PUZZLE will collect feedback.

As for the criteria contestants will have to meet to find themselves in the shortlisted selection, they are:

      • Innovation character and originality of the idea,
      • Challenges and relevance of the problem dealt,
      • Knowledge of technical/related matters,
      • Feasibility and construction of demonstrator,
      • Quality of presentation.

By being specific, you can drive specific results so get ready for the Innovation Contest!