Validation Contracts Call is officially closed. Thank You for Your Applications!

In this second year of the PUZZLE Project, we’ve received SMEs&MEs, startups and Cybersecurity Providers’ applications from different countries across Europe! Applicants submitted their proposals from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Finland, Romania, Serbia… We thank all those who applied, for your dedication, your volition to collaborate and to participate in research and initiatives that PUZZLE is undertaking for the next period of development of the Marketplace.

Through this Validation Contracts Call, the interested parties was invited to present their idea on how the PUZZLE Marketplace could complement the development activities of a product/service they are already providing to their customers, detailing the PUZZLE components and services utilized, to prove the applicability, usability, effectiveness and value of the PUZZLE concepts, models and mechanisms under real-life conditions.

PUZZLE aims to employ a highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management framework in two directions: SMEs&MEs and Cybersecurity Providers. We’ll be able to pick up to 15 of these applicants to become our early adopters and demonstrators, which won’t be an easy choice for our evaluation committee.

In the Open Call, we accepted applications with use cases from IT-based or non-IT-based SMEs in the areas of Healthcare, FinTech, Manufacturing, Agrifood, and eGovernment, but also in different sectors and industries from retail, construction, farming, education, logistics etc. with strict security, privacy and operational assurance requirements.

The selection will be performed by an evaluation committee. Applications will be peer-reviewed during July 2022 by the experts composed of 2 members of the consortium, proficient in IoT and cybersecurity fields, as well as 1 external independent evaluator with extensive know-how in the abovementioned domains.

The PUZZLE Project will then narrow down the selection of highly ranked applicants whose ideas are worth being further developed into proposals for Marketplace. We’re now beginning our review process and will inform short-listed applicants soon!

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Featured Photo by Marta Branco on Pexels.